If Mother Nature had a training stack…

this is what she would take.


The Sport Stack

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The Sort Stack™ is a formulated supplementary sports food that will provide a solution to synergistically address all pre-, intra-, and post-workout nutrition needs. Our Raw Tea, Collagen Protein and Recovery Nectar are packed with Natural Ingredients. All Natural Ingredients are know to provide athletes with an explosive burst of natural energy to prime athletes for intense workouts. Supply nutrients needed to power through even the longest and most grueling training sessions. Help athletes decrease recovery time and completely revitalise their body. This stack is, hands down, the most raw and natural solution to prepare for, endure, and recover from intense training.

A month’s supply of each:

Pre-Workout › RAW TEA

The Natty Stack is made from Natural Ingredients.

Natural Ingredients are known to help:

  • Prime your body for a workout through increased energy, blood flow, and focus.
  • Endure your training sessions by providing whole food sources of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Refresh and revitalize your body to decrease recovery time and soreness.

Made with Organic Ingredients!

Nature's Force is proud to offer the first line of sports foods ever made with organic ingredients.

100% BS Free.

There are a ton of sports foods on the market, but lucky for you, you have found the cleanest stack ever created. Period. The Natty Stack is entirely whole food based and contains no flavoring whatsoever. What is the point of a great diet if you continue to poison your body with chemical filled supplements? You don’t need fancy flavors or synthesized vitamin powders to get a great workout. In fact, we think using them does more harm than good, so switch today and make your training sessions 100% BS Free™.


No flavoring added… Tastes Great!
RAW TEA: Natural taste of herbal tea.
ISKIATE ENDURANCE: Natural taste of Chia Fresca.
RECOVERY NECTAR: Natural taste of coconut water.

Contains No:

Coloring or Flavoring › Artificial Ingredients › Unnecessary Fillers

The products in this stack are packed with raw whole food ingredients. Please click on each product below to learn more:




The products in this stack work synergistically as a complete sports food solution. Please click on each product below to learn more:




Why should I take a “stack” and what are the advantages of taking everything together?

Taking a stack is one of the best ways you can maximize the results from your training. It is also one of the simplest solutions because the products have been designed to work synergistically, so there is no guessing what you should take and when. Choosing a "Natural Stack" will give you peace of mind that you are using the most raw, whole food based, training sports food system on the market.

When should I take each product?

Nature's Force Raw Tea should be completely consumed within 20 minutes before your workout. Our Iskiate Endurance can be consumed throughout your workouts the same way you would drink water. The Recovery Nectar should be consumed within 20 minutes of completing your workout.

Why don’t you add flavoring to your Products?

Honestly, we don’t feel that we need to. Many of our competitors add ingredients to flavor their products which can be harmful to your health. We truly believe that adding flavorings to products of any kind is wrong. If you think about it, our taste buds exist as a defense mechanism for the body. If something tastes good, it is usually a good sign that it is a food that is okay for your body to consume. Things that taste bad usually tell us not to consume these things because they are bad for our bodies or may have some other negative effects. Without flavoring, our competitors’ products would undoubtedly taste horrible so we will leave you to come to your own conclusion.

Why don’t you have any proprietary blends?

One of the Nature's Force founding principles was to do away with proprietary blends. We are avid sports food users who became tired of wondering how much of the ingredients we were consuming in different products. Nature's Force encourages you to utilize this “nothing to hide” principle that we value as a staple of our brand when examining other sports foods.